The Malt Project

The Malt Project is an idea we came up with to help us dial in the brew rig while learning the subtle (and not so subtle) differences between malt varieties.

The plan is to brew a very basic single malt, single hop pale recipe multiple times, the only difference between each batch being the malt.

The first batch was brewed 11/28/10 using Pearl Malt.

Future batches will use Marris Otter, Munch, Pilsin, American 2 Row, and ?

Batch 1- Lavin Dude Mon

Here are a few details on our first batch:
Belgium Strong/Triple-ish
9.1% ABV
Brewed 11/05/2010
Racked 11/26/2010
5 Gallons Aging on Makers Mark Bourbon Soaked Medium Toast American Oak
5 Gallons clarifying in secondary (this will naturally carbonated and served from a pin)
4 Gallons being forced carbonated and should be ready for tasting in about a week

It’s Alive!

Not only do we have a website but we now have a facebook fan page! Make sure to check them both out to stay updated. We plan on posting about everything from our current brewing projects to our progress during the licensing phase and everything in between. Cheers!